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About Us 

The Samaritans is an open source platform developed and owned by a community of members who provide and get help from one another. It is worthy of note that The Samaritans is not an MLM, HYIP, or any other related contracts binding program. However, the peering solution of The Samaritans has been setup solely to enable the peering of members who out of their free-will pledge to provide help to one another.

The Samaritans DO NOT RUN A CENTRAL BANK ACCOUNT or collect money from its members, rather money is transferred between members directly. With this in mind, we hope to build a community of Good Samaritans lending out a helping hand and collectively building a more financially stable and thriving society, one person at a time. What are you waiting for?
Be a Samaritan NOW!

Why Invest Here


Get Paid Twice (2X) what You invest in 15 days or less

Get double of your invested amount sent straight to your bank account within 15 days or less with any of our flexible investment options. Simply register with the program using the register button and select a package, then you'll be automatically matched with a participant under your package, once you provide the help you'll receive double the help you offered from two individuals within 15 days.


100% Secured And User Friendly Account

We've got our team of competent engineers working round the clock to ensure maximum security for your investment so you can enjoy the benefits from your investment with peace of mind. Also, our website is very easy to use and requires no computer expertise and we show you how many people are in the queue to be paid before you.


Earn 5% Bonus of referral's investment

Earn 5% of the initial investment of any person that you refer. You get paid as soon as your referral bonus gets up to N20,000 or you can automatically add the bonus to any amount you want to get help with. Choose from any of our three flexible packages and experience an amazing financial reward from referral bonuses.

Currently on our 5-packages

(N10, 000 plan)

3338 Members
(N20, 000 plan)

2636 Members
(N50, 000 plan)

1186 Members
(N100, 000 plan)

1007 Members
(N200, 000 plan)

800 Members
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Membership Instructions 

Please carefully read and understand the instructions for participating with The Samaritans.

By registering and joining a package, you agree to have read and understood the instructions and accepts to be bound by its terms and conditions below:

  1. Please do not join any package if you are not ready to pay the person you are paired to within the next 24-hours, else your membership account on will be permanently blocked from participating anymore and you will not be able to use your details to register another account. Please be guided accordingly.

  2. After registration, to become active and start earning, choose a package from the available 3-packages and click on JOIN NOW!

  3. You will be assigned to pay a benefactor based on the package you joined.

  4. Pay the benefactor and upload your evidence of payment. Ask him/her to confirm you immediately he receives your money.

  5. Failure of the benefactor to confirm the receipt of money after evidence of payment has been uploaded results to the permanent deletion of his/her membership account and would not be allowed to participate anymore on

  6. After your payment has been confirmed, wait 2-15 working days to be paired to receive your 40% Return On Investment (ROI) from 2-individuals under your package.

  7. Activate your mobile or internet banking with your local bank or register an account at to make your transfers easier and faster.

  8. LINKS

  9. Helpers Dashboard: Click on the Helpers Dashboard link to access the packages and join.

  10. Approved Payments: Click on the Approved Payments link to show the list of payments approved by you.

  11. Pending Payments: Click on the Pending Payments link to show the list of payments awaiting for your approval/confirmation.

  12. Downlines: Click on the Downlines link to show those assigned to pay you.

  13. Submit Testimonials: Click on the Submit Testimonials link to submit your valuable testimonials.

  14. Membership Instructions: Click on the Membership Instructions link to view the instructions you need to know in order to effectively participate at

  15. Chat: Click on the Chat link to send in your feedbacks, comments, suggestions and recommendation necessary to provide you with adequate support service at